Insufficient Capacity?

28 Aug

In my article Hot Stuff V… A Little Bit More on the old site, I noted that:

I’ve also noticed the signal at home is weaker than it used to be (again, we’ve just been upgraded to 4G in my area) so I wonder if the two are related.


T-Mobile can’t possibly be reducing the quality of their 3G coverage to push their 4G service, can they?


Obviously that was just speculation from me, but one thing I didn’t mention was getting a data connection at all in the Stratford station area of London between about 17:10 to 19:00 is a very, very patchy thing. Usually it takes several attempts before data is returned, and then the connection only holds for short periods.

I understand this is a peak time at a busy location, but this is also 2013 and EE have had plenty of time to upgrade the infrastructure here to cope with the load.

I’m not saying this is cheap or easy to achieve, but the service is falling far short of acceptable.

I used to think it was just my imagination, then I watched this BBC Watchdog article, and now I’m pretty convinced this is what’s happening.

It’s just another nail in the coffin for renewal time. I wish I had switched to 3 as I originally planned.

Oh well, only another eighteen months remaining on my contract…


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