A 7.4% failure.

2 Sep

We have all been told Windows 8 is a failure, and I seem to be in a minority by actually liking the OS (or at the very least it feels that way).

To my mind Windows 8 is a transitional OS, much like (dare I mention it) Windows Vista, which I also quite liked at the time, and which belatedly became a very capable OS after the first service pack was released.

In a similar way to Vista, Windows 8 also has plenty of flaws, many of which should be addressed by the 8.1 update (although naturally not all, if for no other reason than the fact that you can’t please everyone).

With that in mind, and the fact we’re continually told everyone hates Windows 8 so much, I’m amused to see that Net Applications are reporting Windows 8 usage on the web currently stands at 7.4%.

After one year.

For one version.

Whilst the relatively successful OSX usage rate stands at 7.3%.

From what I can tell this is for all versions, so that includes many years of users.


Perhaps OSX users don’t go on the web much?

Microsoft, you may as well give up, apparently you’ve lost (something, I’m not sure what).

Excuse me while I get back to work.


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