What a difference a week makes!

21 Nov

Something strange happened to my Lumia 920 yesterday. When I took it out of my pocket it appeared to have crashed in a way I had never previously seen before, displaying just a lightening bolt next to a cog wheel, similar to the cog that is displayed during an update.

Initially concerned I managed to reset the phone (by holding the down volume button and power button simultaneously) and everything seemed to spring back to life without issue.

Later in the day I was texting my partner Hayley, but the messages were not appearing. Stranger still, when I subsequently used messenger from a PC my own messages were appearing as new messages on the live tile.

Restarting the phone several times did not help.

Texting a friend (who I had not texted for over a week) did work however. Curious.

I was at a loss, perhaps something was wrong with the contact entry for Hayley?

Having a little time to wait for the train home just a few moments ago, I decided to see if there were any suggestions for this issue on the web. Sure enough my search returned others who have had the same issue.

It turns out that I don’t know what day it is.

It seems that on resetting the phone I had set the phone’s date to be a week earlier than the actual date! As a result the messages were coming in with the wrong timestamp, the phone was seeing messages sent/received after the date, and I assume was putting the new messages into, what it thought, was the correct chronological order, hence why the friend I texted had his message in the correct location.

Everything is fine now I’ve set the date properly, but it does demonstrate how the simplest of mistakes can result in the strangest of effects.

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