Killing A Surface Pro 2

11 Dec

In my previous post, Killing Windows 8, I wrote about how I had managed to de-activate the copy of Windows installed on my Surface Pro 2, and how I was waiting for a response from Microsoft customer support.

Yesterday I contacted them and they called me back with an update.

Apparently the Windows key had not been injected into the BIOS of my device, so the only way to rectify this issue is to replace the device.

That’s right – they couldn’t send me a new key to activate Windows.

Nope, only a new device will do.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t particularly mind. It’s a little inconvenient, but hardly the end of the world. But really Microsoft, if this really a cost effective way of fixing this problem, after all a new key for Media Center only costs $10, significantly less than the UPS shipping alone I suspect.

Still, I suppose if it is a manufacturing problem this is for the best.

Perhaps my lack of success with Miracast will be resolved too?

Never mind.

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