10 Feb

Overhead on train:

“Have you noticed when you go to a website the computer has been to before, it’s much quicker?”

“Yes, it leaves the cookies there from before”

1. It’s an iPad you’re using. I know because you’ve been bitching about it for the last 30 minutes. I guess that qualifies as a computer…

2. It does indeed leave cookies behind, that’s kinda their purpose. But that’s almost certainly not why it’s faster. That’ll be down to the cache…

3. Why do I care? I don’t (much), it just amuses me when people get stuff subtly wrong. I do it all the time, probably more than my share, but when it’s said with great authority it does make me chuckle.

So I’ll just sign off by saying: The reason blood is red is to signify danger. If you’re bleeding it is probably dangerous after all!

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