Mobile Woes #2

4 Mar

My mobile contact finished at the start of February, so I contacted EE around that time to sort out a new contract. This time around, after some discussion, I decided to go for a SIM only deal with 5Gb of data, discounted to half price for the first six months, plus an addition SIM with 2Gb of data per month for £12.99.

This was discussed online and a couple of days later I emailed the EE contact to ask to proceed with the deal we discussed.

I heard nothing back.

Also, stupidly I didn’t chase this.

So yesterday I contacted EE again, this time via a phone call to customer services, to take out these deals… however by now they had expired.

Now, instead of 5Gb at £11 for the first 6 months, followed by £21.99 for the following 6 months, I was offered 4Gb for £17.99 per month. This deal is actually not as good, I’d be paying more over the 12 months for less data. The 5Gb plan would now cost me the full £21.99 for the 12 months.

Additionally, the second line has seen it’s data allowance halved to 1Gb, but the price has remained the same.

This new offer isn’t really grabbing me, so I guess it’s back to the drawing board and trying to find an alternative deal elsewhere.

I have to say I’m not happy with EE in this case. I’m absolutely partly to blame for not chasing up the offer initially, however I did email back their representative to go ahead, and nothing happened.

Also, why has the second line plan been changed for the worse?

Colour me not impressed.


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