4 Weeks in, 75 million installs

27 Aug

Windows 10 is now 4 weeks old, and Yusef Mehdi (Microsoft Corporate Vice President for the Windows and Devices Group) has revealed it has been installed 75 million times on over 90,000 unique PC/Tablet configurations (I wonder how many configurations Apple needs to support).

That’s a pretty strong start, and with many users who reserved still not being updated the figure looks set to continue rising rapidly for a little while yet.

I wonder how many new devices have been sold with Windows 10 pre-installed. I’ve had a look and don’t recall seeing any in the retail spaces I’ve visited, but to be honest I wasn’t really looking for the OS versions. Once these devices start appearing we may see further uptake, but this will be far below the number of people taking advantage of the free upgrade I would imagine.

It will be interesting to see what the numbers are in 4 weeks time.

Possibly just as interesting, it seems six times as many apps are being downloaded from the Windows Store per PC than under Windows 8.1 usage*. That bodes well for getting further apps to be ported and written for the platform. If many of these are UWP applications then perhaps the app gap on Windows Mobile may finally shrink a little.

Hey, a guy can dream!

* of course, many people didn’t use the store in Windows 8, so this could be a bit misleading. Either way, it’s still encouraging.

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