Developing for Android…

27 Aug

So with the exciting times ahead now that Windows 10 has released with all its UWP goodness, I’ll be concentrating on getting up to speed with this as a priority, no?

Erm… well I was, but unfortunately I also have to pay the bills. As a result I’m buried in the second edition of The Big Nerd Ranch’s “Android Programming” book for work and hoping to get onto an Android project at some point (unless anyone else wants to make me an offer?)

I’ve done a (very) little Android programming before, and I have plenty of experience in Java, so this book can seem a little simple at times, but it’s probably what I need. So far I’m quite enjoying working through it.

Whilst I’d rather be concentrating on UWP right now, I think it’s healthy to have an understanding in Android too (that’s why I also work in both C# and Java). If iOS could be programmed in Java or C# (yes – I know about Xamarin, but it is very expensive to use if you fund it yourself) I’d be all over that too, but I think picking up iOS and either Objective C or Swift would be spreading myself too thinly right now.

So I’ll just restrict myself to the 81.1% + 2.9% of devices for now.

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