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Is the iPad Pro really a PC killer?

27 Nov


Not yet anyway.

Of course running a mobile operating system doesn’t help many, but is naturally also fine for some.

My opinion is that the design is a little disappointing for an Apple product. With it’s single position official keyboard, high price, distorted performance, it underwhelms the PC crowd, whist naturally pleasing the Apple faithful. What you would expect really.

Is it a PC killer then?

Well those that need a laptop will continue to buy laptops, those that want PC and tablet functionality will buy a convertible (such as a Surface or similar), and those for whom an iPad worked well will rightly lap up the iPad Pro.

I think this is how it should be. I can’t see the iPad Pro in its current iteration making too many inroads into the PC space, Chromebooks are probably a bigger threat here.

I wonder what the next version will bring though.


Music to my ears.

26 Nov

Well, I cancelled the auto-renewal on my Microsoft Xbox Music pass late last month, and the yearly subscription expired last weekend.

The service hadn’t done anything wrong, in fact I was very happy with the selection, but I just wasn’t making enough use of it, instead spending most of my time listening to music I already own. Sure I listened to the occasional new album, but not enough to justify the cost.

So have I missed it?

Well it’s been less than a week so really to early to tell, but not yet. In fact, the closest I’ve come is today where I’ve ended up streaming from Amazon courtesy of my Prime account, and even then I’m listening to stuff I’ve purchased!

It’s not good for me discovering new music, but to be fair it wasn’t much better whilst the subscription was live.

Perhaps things will change should my work environment change, I do more travelling, I ever get to work from home, or even if I just get bored. But for now, I think I’ll save the money, thanks.

Free Books

18 Nov

For quite some time now the nice people at Packt Publishing have been offering a free technical eBook each day. I’ve spent hundreds of pounds on Packt books over the years, both as physical copies and eBook downloads, and they tend to be very well written, so getting extra titles gratis is an offer too good to miss.

The free books on offer are often not the latest versions, but many are surprisingly recent and well worth a read, or just downloading if you think you may refer to them at some point in the future.

Why not take a look at, and while you’re there you may even find some more books worth paying for too!