Auto Starting Apps in Windows 10

24 Aug

I’ve recently installed a Ring Video Doorbell and am awaiting delivery of  a Stick-up Cam, after which I’ll start writing a review. However one minor concern is that although notifications come through fairly quickly (depending on the current internet connection) it still takes a moment for the app to start. This is literally only a second or two, but with the couple of seconds delay for the notification to arrive anything to trim down the time taken to respond to an event is worth investigating.

With this in mind I started wondering how to actually automatically launch a UWP App when Windows 10 starts up. Running msconfig and selecting the startup tab now redirects you to the task manager. The task manager section only provides the ability to enable and disable from the current list. Curious…

A few minutes with Bing and I found a good article over at that covers how to do this.

Essentially I called up a Run command ( Windows Key + R) and entered the command:


This opened a file explorer window to the startup folder location.

The next question was how do I actually create a shortcut to a UWP App in this folder?

Simple. I made sure the file explorer window would be visible with my start menu opened. Opened up the start menu, then simple dragged the tile for the UWP app onto the file explorer window and into that folder.

Job done.

I hope this quick tip saves somebody a bit of time searching around.

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