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Ultraviolet Video… why won’t it work properly.

26 Aug

I’ve built up a (very) small collection of Ultraviolet videos, a grand total of 17 so far apparently.

But I’ve never managed to watch any of them.


Well I can download the videos and even stream them online, but the quality is less that perfect. I don’t just mean streaming via my embarrassment of a connection at home, but even through my 80+Mbps work connection.

And by less than perfect I mean grainy and jerky video. Even on downloads.

I used to blame my old Surface Pro 2, but secretly I knew that should have easily taken this in its stride.

But I’ve just tried using my new XPS 15 laptop to watch something, and guess what – it’s no better, and this is a comparative beast of a machine.

Sure it warned me that due to the scaling I have for the 4K screen, playback wouldn’t work full screen, but it isn’t working well enough in and scenario, windowed or full screen, downloaded or streamed.

I linked the account to Flixster, but I doubt this is just a problem for them.

So am I doing something wrong? I pretty much know what I’m doing with a computer so if I’m having trouble I’d be arrogant enough to assume I’m not the only one.

For the moment, I’m at a loss on what to do next. So I’ll move on and worry about this some other time.

It’s a shame as the concept offered so much.


A $99 Upgrade That Turns The iPad Pro into a Productivity Machine

10 Dec

It seems the iPad Pro is already capable of becoming a productivity powerhouse. Indeed, any recent iPad is!

And all it takes is a $99 upgrade.

For more information see here.

I do love a good scam email…

14 Mar

I’ve just found the following email in my junk folder:

Good evening!

You have the penalties for dues.
The prove is in the attached ZIP-file.
You must revise it before May 30th 2014. Your ID: EHX/18866.
Else you’ll receive court action.

Very sincerely yours, executive of Police bureau #163.

I’m wondering if I should open the attachment to find out what I owe…

It’s pitiful, these guys aren’t even trying anymore.