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Is the iPad Pro really a PC killer?

27 Nov


Not yet anyway.

Of course running a mobile operating system doesn’t help many, but is naturally also fine for some.

My opinion is that the design is a little disappointing for an Apple product. With it’s single position official keyboard, high price, distorted performance, it underwhelms the PC crowd, whist naturally pleasing the Apple faithful. What you would expect really.

Is it a PC killer then?

Well those that need a laptop will continue to buy laptops, those that want PC and tablet functionality will buy a convertible (such as a Surface or similar), and those for whom an iPad worked well will rightly lap up the iPad Pro.

I think this is how it should be. I can’t see the iPad Pro in its current iteration making too many inroads into the PC space, Chromebooks are probably a bigger threat here.

I wonder what the next version will bring though.