Android Upgrade is Still a Joke

22 Aug

So the news is that this year the new Morotrola G6 family of phones will be upgraded to Android P later this year.

I call bollocks.

I’m still waiting for Android O on my G5 S+, and I’m not holding my breath.

Meanwhile, my Lumia 550 and 950 are still being upgraded with minor tweaks (i.e. more than just security updates, despite the OS being in support mode), or at least they would be if I’d turned them on in the last year.

I don’t miss Windows Mobile as much these days as I get used to Android again, but some things are still a definite step back.

And less choice for the consumer is a good thing, right?/


David Cutler

22 Apr

A brief interview with a genius.



Microsoft buys Xamarin

25 Feb

About time.

Not just got the technology, but just as much (if not more so) for the awesome staff.

Good move.

So now the bridges really can go both ways.


4K Monitors

16 Feb

I’ve not considered getting a 4K monitor.

My graphics card isn’t powerful enough to drive one on my desktop PC.

I’ve got a lovely, relatively new (1 year-ish old) 1080p monitor, which I’m very happy with.

But am I missing a trick. Should I get another 1080p monitor, as I’ve been planning to for a while, or just get a 4K monitor and future proof a little more?

I don’t know.

Any thoughts?


A $99 Upgrade That Turns The iPad Pro into a Productivity Machine

10 Dec

It seems the iPad Pro is already capable of becoming a productivity powerhouse. Indeed, any recent iPad is!

And all it takes is a $99 upgrade.

For more information see here.


The Glassdoor Top 25 companies to work for UK

9 Dec

I’ve just had a look at the Glassdoor top 25 companies to work for in the UK.

I’ve worked in 3 of the companies on the list.

Only one deserves to be there.

The other two were not particularly nice places to work in my experience, either for me or many others. Indeed in one┬ácase I don’t know anyone who stayed from out team, and in the other they had a very high staff turnover and the trouble they have retaining staff is well known.

Yet still I wondered about working for the other companies on the list.

With hindsight that probably doesn’t reflect on me particularly well.


And you wonder why I don’t trust Google…

2 Apr

Here’s another example of why I don’t trust Google:

“Google wants the Supreme Court to reverse a decision concluding that the media giant could be held liable for hijacking data on unencrypted Wi-Fi routers via its Street View cars.”

Read the whole article here at Ars Technica and you may agree with them.

Frankly, I don’t.



10 Feb

Overhead on train:

“Have you noticed when you go to a website the computer has been to before, it’s much quicker?”

“Yes, it leaves the cookies there from before”

1. It’s an iPad you’re using. I know because you’ve been bitching about it for the last 30 minutes. I guess that qualifies as a computer…

2. It does indeed leave cookies behind, that’s kinda their purpose. But that’s almost certainly not why it’s faster. That’ll be down to the cache…

3. Why do I care? I don’t (much), it just amuses me when people get stuff subtly wrong. I do it all the time, probably more than my share, but when it’s said with great authority it does make me chuckle.

So I’ll just sign off by saying: The reason blood is red is to signify danger. If you’re bleeding it is probably dangerous after all!



31 Jan

I’m listening to a podcast at the moment (which I won’t mention as week by week it is going down in quality very rapidly) and one of the presenters has just commented that he is surprised how Outlook (the desktop client) has become so entrenched in enterprise.

He makes a valid point, but I feel you have to take a step back. Outlook may be getting a little long in the tooth now, but it provided such a breath of fresh air to companies moving from the clunky Lotus Notes that it really was a genuine step up for many purposes. The document repository functionality wasn’t there (in my experience), but grudgingly I can accept SharePoint offers something similar.

I’m fairly fond of Outlook on the desktop, but my move into Microsoft cloud services and Windows 8 has seen me use it mainly for work rather than leisure nowadays. Times are changing, but for the enterprise time moves more slowly and often in an alternate direction.

As an aside, I was also reminded of a conversation I had with a colleague a couple of years ago:

“I remember using the beta versions of Outlook and the initial versions which were free before they folded it into the Office SKU” I remarked.

“Outlook has never been free” he replied.



It’s a bit of a mess at the moment, sorry.

23 Aug

Since I wanted to get off Blogspot as quickly as possible, I’ve basically created this new WordPress blog in a bit of a hurry, so apologies for the mess.

I’m working on tidying things up as quickly as possible, but until then please bear with me and let me know what you think.