Name Mr. Stuart Russell Northcott, BSc
Home Location Colchester, Essex
Availability 1 Month
Preferred Role Senior Analyst/Developer, Development Team Lead

An experienced IT professional with a background in Enterprise Agile Software Development and consultancy with commercial experience since 1991 encompassing the full project life cycle including pre-sales estimation, analysis, requirements gathering, architecture, design, development, along with project management and team leadership skills.Recent development exposure in C#, Java2 EE, Weblogic, Spring, T-SQL. Experienced in GUI programming (Delphi and C#), multi-tier and client server systems.Enthusiastic, with a genuine interest in finding elegant solutions, seeing teamwork and information sharing as a crucial factor of both project and personal success.

Key Skills

• Analysis (17 yrs) • C# (5 yrs) • Client/GUI Design & Development (18 yrs) • Client/Server Design & Development (4 yrs) • Enterprise Agile Software Development (3 yrs) • Financial Systems (18 yrs) • Full lifecycle exposure (17 yrs) • Full System Design (Architechture) (7 yrs) • Java 2 Enterprise Edition (3 yrs) • Java SE (16 yrs) • JSON (3 yrs) • Microsoft Windows (19 yrs) • N-Tier Development (12 yrs) • Requirements Gathering (17 yrs) • Scheduling Systems (4 yrs) • Task Estimation (18 yrs) • Technical Support (18 yrs) • Unit Testing, TDD (JUnit, NUnit, MS Test) (3 yrs) • XML (4 yrs)

• Delphi (15 yrs) • Front Office Development (12 yrs) • Hydrocarbon Trade Applications (3 yrs) • Load balancing (3 yrs) • P/L SQL (3 yrs) • Performance Monitoring (10 yrs) • Pre Sales (4 yrs) • PRISM (3 yrs) • Relational Database Design & Development (RDBMS) (18 yrs) • REST (3 yrs) • Small Team Management (3 yrs) • Stock & Portfolio Trade Applications (8 yrs) • System (end user and developer) Training. (4 yrs) • Technical Training (4 yrs) • T-SQL (Sybase & MS-SQL Server) (14 yrs) • Windows Presentation Foundation (4 yrs)

• Atlassian JIRA (3 yrs) • ClearCase (12 yrs) • Equities (8 yrs) • Mobile Development (Windows Phone) (0 yrs) • OnTime (1 yr) • Oracle WebLogic (3 yrs) • Spring Framework (5 yrs) • Subversion (1 yr)

• Active Server Pages (ASP) (4 yrs) • Apache Maven (3 yrs) • COM/DCOM (14 yrs) • CORBA (5 yrs) • FIX Protocol (5 yrs) • FTP (2 yrs) • Java Messaging Service (JMS) (3 yrs) • Mapping (Geo Location) (3 yrs) • Microsoft Visual C/C++ (3 yrs) • NHibernate (0 yrs) • WinRT (Windows 8 Store Applications) (0 yrs)

Employment History

Java & C# Developer

Jun 2010 – Present

• Developer within the Trade Control Transformation (TCT) platform team for BP, a multi-million pound re-write of existing systems awarded to BJSS. The system provides end of day revaluations and price corrections, front office calculated risk and valuations data across all asset classes allowing downstream delivery of data to other systems.
• The system is developed using Enterprise Agile techniques, along with technologies such as Weblogic, Spring, Maven, REST, JUnit and JSON communication to the C# WPF client and various down and up-stream systems.
• Involved exposure to Oracle databases, star schemas, fact tables and dimensions, inner joins, aggregate functions, materialized views, etc.
• Responsible for task estimation, client side C#/WPF and server side (Weblogic) Java development, test framework & tool maintenance, performance tuning, technical support and liaising with numerous other teams within BP. Also part of the 3rd line support team.

Senior Developer

EvaluatePharma Ltd.
Apr 2009 – Jun 2010
• Senior developer of the information management applications (known primarily as DbManager) consisting of both client and server components. DbManager is written in C# and Delphi against a SQL Server database and XML file system.
• The DbManager GUI suite of components is used by a global team of analysts and journalists to facilitate data entry, analysis and reporting.
• The server side DbManager components power the persistence, analysis and delivery of data to both the client applications and via XML for consumption by the web site for client use.
• DbManager also provides security and maintenance tasks with the web site via XML and communication via COM enabled DLLs.

Analyst Developer

JP Morgan Chase
Apr 2007 – Apr 2009

• Developer within the Equities GTW(Global Trader Workstation) Software House team which is responsible for a portfolio of front and back-office applications used by the Institutional Equities business, along with trade reporting and regulatory solutions.
• The role primarily involved the design, implementation and support of the market share analysis application written in Java/Spring and Sybase T-SQL (lead developer), and enhancement and support of the GTW application in Sybase T-SQL and Java.
• GTW is the business’s primary order and risk management system. The system is well established with several hundred global users. GTW is highly dynamic and responds to demands raised by a fast-moving business.
• Additionally provided design, development and primary support on other applications such as the PTFix client application and server components written in C#.

Applications Developer

UBS Investment Bank : UBS Warburg
Jan 2001 – Apr 2006

• This role focused on extending, maintaining and supporting the ‘Order Portfolio Trading Reporting and Analysis’ application (OPERA) responsible for Portfolio Trading globally within UBS, and involved working on all tiers of the system. OPERA provided the hub for £23Billion of business in January 2004 alone (up from £10Billion the previous year, equating to 30-40% of entire equities flow in London. Volumes have increased significantly since this time).
• OPERA is an n-tier system composed of a Sybase 12 back-end, a distributed Java2 Middle tier communicating via CORBA to a Delphi 6 GUI. OPERA utilises an in-house developed framework that overcomes some of the shortcomings of J2EE that were present during the early days of the project (such as object persistence). OPERA is developed by a team of around 10 primary staff.
• The project included development experience of, and exposure to trading, settlement and reporting systems via methods such as JMS, and FTP, designing and implementing load balancing, security, FIX, automated execution (STP) functionality, real time reporting to clients and the design and implementation of performance monitoring processes, tools and reporting systems.
• Only the second person involved with the OPERA project (in its 10 year history) to have actively worked against all three tiers of the system able to take tasks through from design stage to complete implementation.

Systems Developer : Systems Architect

Teletext Ltd.
Mar 2000 – Oct 2000

• Developed and supported the ‘Teletext Commercial System’ (TCS) transferring from ICOS to an in-house team, extending the functionality of the application to service the new (e.g. Digital and internet platforms).
• Analysis work with management and system users to identify opportunities to enhance the business.
• Identified an opportunity to specify and implement a reporting system, the ‘Teletext Information System’ (TIS) leveraging business data held within TCS and other systems.
• Successfully developed a framework for building new analysis reports, diagrams, etc., and also re-engineered some of the common functionality between the two applications with a view to extending this to future applications (regarding such areas as Security, user preference tracking, auditing and logging, etc). This included some initial work investigating breaking the system into a multi-tier/DCOM solution.

Consultant (Level III)

Independent Computer Solutions
Oct 1996 – Mar 2000

• Developer (becoming lead developer) on the Teletext TCS system, the largest (size and value) bespoke application undertaken by ICOS.
• Lead on several other client applications, covering the full project lifecycle excluding sales, but responsible for budget estimation, functional and technical requirements gathering, design, architecture, support, client interaction and small team management.
• Exposure to several new and emerging technologies of the time (ASP, COM/DCOM, Mapping, Java, etc.)
• Bespoke work for numerous other clients including Blue Circle, Rail Manche Finance (Eurostar), Yamaha, BMG Entertainment, Insurance Medical Services, Computasoft, Lease Plan, Miller Freeman, etc.

Analyst Programmer

Britannia Software Plc.
Jan 1995 – Sep 1996

• Applications developer and support on the portfolio of tailored software solutions offered by the company.
• Chosen to join a team developing the first wave of Windows applications to be offered by the company.
• Involved in client presentations and information days to promote and help pre-sales of the products offered.

Analyst Programmer: Database Designer, Training & C Developer

Charlwood Software Ltd.
Jul 1991 – Dec 1994

July 1994 – December 1994 Full time:
• Database designer, Training

July 1991 – June 1994 part time:
• C/C++ developer (Microsoft C version 6 moving to Microsoft Visual C++ version 1.5) to aid in the design and development of a new Windows based fully relational database package.
• Designed and implemented a Q&A database and order management system with end user training. Additionally helped edit the product manual and associated literature.

Education and Training History

Bachelor of Science (bachelors)
Hull University 1994
BSc, Special Computer Science with Information Engineering Computer Science, Information Technology

A Level
Wootton Bassett Comprehensive 1991
Physics, Mathematics, English Literature, General Studies

Wootton Bassett Comprehensive 1989
10 G.C.S.E.


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